A Frank Ob/Gyn's Message

An honest assessment of all things medical and ethical.

About me.

For about 3 months now, I’ve been writing a weekly column for an Catholic Magazine in Ireland entitled “The Open Door.”  Many friends of mine here in the U.S. have expressed interest in reading the articles.  I believe this blog will provide a forum for me to post my articles on the web in an easily accessible location for all who are interested.

I welcome any comments, challenges, or questions.  I trust any feedback will only improve the content both of this blog and my weekly articles being published in Ireland.

–Dr. Frank


One thought on “About me.

  1. Dr. Frank, your blog is quite necessary. I think the credibility of your blog would be augmented if you blogged under your real full name. I understand people need anonymity for many reasons, but I suspect that the poor-choice side will say that this is all a ruse because your identity is not verifiable.

    Dr. Frank, many poor choice feminists claim that if abortion is criminalized, women will die because doctors will not treat them if they think the will be prosecuted. They say that this is the case in Nicaragua, where supposedly women have died because the strict laws against abortion “prevent” doctors from lifesaving medical procedures. It would be very useful to the pro-life community worldwide if you could address this issue. I will be looking at your blog often.

    I think the pro-life blogosphere needs a medical “point man” for technical issues relating to abortion and childbirth. For instance, it is often maintained that because pregnancy causes maternal mortality, women must not be “forced” to have a baby. I think the maternal mortality rate in the West is something along the lines of 1 in 3500, and the main reasons for maternal death are co-morbidities such as heart disease. Extremely few women die from childbirth. It would be useful if someone like you could delve into these kinds of technicalities.

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