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How the Irish are saving civilization…again!

I write today’s column with a sense of profound gratitude for my Irish heritage and for the privilege to write to the people of my ancestral homeland. Just two days in advance of celebrating Ireland’s most well known hero, St. Patrick, the Irish government issued a report confirming its affirmation of existing laws protecting preborn life–thereby rejecting recommendations and mounting pressure by the United Nations (UN) to legalize abortion on demand. Indeed, it appears the Irish are once again being called upon to save Western Civilization. 

Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy is the theme when one looks into the details of the international pressure and coercion to legalize abortion on demand. For starters, the two UN agencies most vocal in such efforts to increase abortion are the UN Committee against Torture and the UN Human Rights Council. These are the very bodies who should be doing the opposite and urging other countries to follow Ireland’s example of protecting the human rights of preborn children while simultaneously preventing the most frequent forms of torture against women and their children. During the UN Human Rights Councils so-called Universal Periodic Review process of Ireland last October, six member nations called on Ireland to follow their example of legalized abortion on demand. These were the United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Norway, Slovenia, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Before we examine some demographic statistics, bear in mind that the calls for such unrestricted abortion are increasingly being made on grounds of maternal health and safety. The idea being promoting is that legalizing abortion procedures makes them safer, hence the slogan “safe, legal abortion.” Even though countless repetitions of these three words together do not make it true, the shear repetition does deceive many— if only on a subconscious level.

 What does do the best data on maternal health as compiled by the UN’s own World Health Organization (WHO) show? Since Ireland is so “far behind” other European nations (especially the six aforementioned) in terms of women’s health, she should have the poorest record in maternal health, right? Wrong! Of the 172 nations in the WHO’s most recent report of 2010, Ireland ranked #2 in the world for lowest maternal mortality rate (MMR). Incidentally, Greece’s maternal mortality rate was slightly lower (by only 0.001 %) even though Irish women are having almost twice (1.75 times) the number of children. As for the six nations most arrogantly telling Ireland to follow their example of legalized abortion: Denmark ranked #5, Spain #6, Norway #7, Netherlands #9, UK #12 (MMR nearly triple that of Ireland), and Slovenia #18 (MMR nearly 4 times that of Ireland). The United States ranked #24 with a MMR 8 times higher than Ireland! For further perspective, of these nations I’ve described, the United States is the one whose birth rate is closest (though still lower) to the Irish.

 Clearly, a truly objective assessment of such data should prompt one to examine Ireland as a model for the rest of the world to follow in terms of women’s health. The UN Human Rights Council and the UN Committee against Torture would both be more worthy of their respective titles if only they will follow the wisdom of the courageous members of the Irish government who continue to defend Ireland’s constitutional protection for preborn children. Indeed, this time, not only western civilization, but the future of the entire world may depend on the courageous leadership from the Land of Saints and Scholars. Éirinn go Brách (Ireland forever)!

St. Patrick, pray for us!

–Dr. Frank


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